Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bible Study Tuesday

I have been waiting for this week for a long time now! I know I will shock more than a few people when I say that summer is definitely NOT my favorite season - especially with a baby! I do not care for the hot weather at all. And although most people consider summer a time to relax and kick back, it was just not that way for our family. So, I am very happy for the arrival of fall! And this week marks the official start of fall for us (although not by the calendar) - it's the start of Tuesday morning bible study and MOPS on Thursday morning! Woo Hoo!

I really enjoyed being back in study. The study I am doing this time is about spiritual warfare and how to protect against it. Should be good! I am by far the youngest in my group - never a favorite feeling! But, there's lots to learn from the women in that group, so that's good!

Maddy did not have such a great time though! Bible Study is during her morning nap and it's going to be a bit of a challenge for her to figure out how to nap in a room with busy playing kids! Of course, she may just as likely decide that she doesn't want to nap and that will be just fine too! I just have to remind myself that it's going to be an adjustment and that's okay! When I picked her up she was doing that shallow breathing that you do when you're recovering from crying - it was breaking my heart! And then when I gave her to my mom so I could run to the bathroom, she broke into huge wails! Poor girl! It was nice to be the one to comfort her and make it all better though. It's amazing how comfortable we are with each other and how much I just understand her needs.

In other news today - Maddy is starting to master the pincer grip. It's been a long time coming and she has consistently preferred to just use the raking method for everything. But tonight at dinner I watched her pick up a little pea with her thumb and forefinger. Just another sign of our baby girl growing up! Also at dinner tonight I discovered that Maddy is for sure a carnivore! I tore up some pieces of lamb that we had left over and she devoured it! In fact, she preferentially picked up the lamb pieces over her other food. Really interesting to start to see preferences developing.

I only have one picture from today. Enjoy.

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