Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mall Walking

I am determined to lose the rest of my baby weight. The fact that it is winter in Michigan makes that goal significantly harder to achieve. So... I am resorting to that favorite wintertime exercise of new mothers and seasoned adults -- mall walking! I gladly take along willing participants and on this particular day Anthony was my mall walking buddy.

Maddy is not enthusiastic about the idea of being at the mall.
Apparently no one has told her yet that ALL GIRLS LOVE SHOPPING!

Maddy's view of the mall

Chillin' in her carseat

Okay, so my little girl really does not like the mall yet.
I can still hold out hope, right?!?

She does, however, really like her daddy!

So, here's to mall walking twice a week - keeping a fast enough pace to burn calories, hoping Maddy sleeps when she's supposed to sleep, and trying not to stay long enough that the stores open and I'm tempted to buy stuff we don't need!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Maddy had a wonderful first Christmas! It was a busy day but it was full of fun and family!!! We started out the day at the Turnberry Munaco House and opened presents around 7:30am.
Maddy with Aunt Catherine.

By about 8:30am we were at the Treger Household getting ready to dive into stockings and presents! After gift opening, we all enjoyed a yummy breakfast and shared some of our new gifts together.
The Whole Gang - Anthony, Emily, Melissa, Marleigh, Ginger, Jessica, Mike and Jordan. (Maddy was sleeping when we took this picture)

By about 1:00pm we were headed back to the Turnberry Munaco's to get ready to go to Nani and Papa's. We enjoyed Christmas dinner there and opened even more presents!

Maddy and Mommy
(I LOVE this picture!)

Our Family Christmas Picture

Maddy with Aunt Anna

Maddy with her Great Papa

By about 7:30pm Maddy was officially melting down.
Anthony says she was just expressing on the outside what we all feel that time of day on Christmas!

Maddy got so many wonderful Christmas presents - she's already a very loved and spoiled little girl - so I'll just share a few of the highlights. From her Papa Tony she got Black Bear - a replica of a dearly loved stuffed animal that Anthony had growing up. So special!
Maddy with Black Bear

From her Aunt Jess she got UofM outfits - who would have thought that a Sparty fan would ever buy Michigan gear?!? Just goes to show what an Aunt will do for her niece! And from her Grammy she got a wonderful collection of new books including Elmo's So Big and a very sweet book by Joan Walsh Anglund. Thanks to everyone for sharing this special day with us and for all of Maddy's sweet gifts. Isn't she so beautiful in her red Christmas dress?!?