Saturday, June 27, 2009

April Randoms

Aside from two Easters, April was a pretty regular month. Lots of days spent at home, learning new skills and getting a good rhythm. At the end of the month, we celebrated Jessica's birthday. Now that Maddy's five months old, she's learning a lot of new skills. Probably the one she's most enjoying is learning to sit up. She still can't really do it for very long, but she loves to practice and is getting better and better! She's also continuing to try more solid foods - and loving them! She really enjoys eating off the spoon (and she's pretty good at it too)!

I love seeing her little belly here!

Sooo happy sitting up

Playing with the spin top at Grammy's house!

Big Family Picture

Me, Maddy, Anth, Mike, Jess, Mom, Dad, Emily, Jordan, Marleigh

(and Ginger)

Happy and cute

Another new skill - finding her toes!

"I'm gonna get you!"

Sucking her sweet little thumb

(she seems to get endless comfort from her thumb at sleepytime)

Such a sweet little foot!

Mommy and Maddy

"Now I'm gonna get you with food on my face!"

So precious and all ready to go!

All snuggled up after a bath

Baby Mohawk!