Friday, September 4, 2009

Hair Cut & Errands

Today was a busy and full day! Thursdays are my errands day. Maddy spends the afternoon with Baba (aka Anthony's Mom) so I can run as many errands as humanly possible in four hours! :) It is SO NICE to be able to go to the grocery store kid-free. Today, however, was the best possible kind of errand day - it DID NOT involve the grocery store! :) Plus, I got to have Anna along with me - some very fun sister time!

First off was a hair cut - such a treat for me! I love to keep my hair short and I get so excited when I get to get a hair cut! I'm very happy with the result and really enjoyed my time at the salon. My stylist - Jodi - is pregnant and I had no idea! It was SO FUN chatting about pregnancy and hearing all about her experience and thoughts about impending parenthood!

Maddy had an awesome day with Baba! She had a trip to the pool which she loved! Mom said she was very interested in watching everything and everyone - taking in all the sights and sounds. During lunch she learned all about Sam and Lilly - the family dogs - and how interested they are in food. Mom said she made a funny face when Sam licked a Cheerio off her foot!

After all that, we stopped for two more errands on the way home - a Target trip for some pants for Maddy (she's a growing girl!) and a trip to the library on the way home. Then it was time for bath and bed - Maddy was worn out from her busy day. When Anthony got home, he got to take a peek at a very sleepy Maddy and even got to pick her up and snuggle her for a minute. She's so sweet when she's sleepy!

Before the haircut

Maddy with her food bag - ready to go to Baba's

After our Target trip - LOVE how she rests her little foot on the inside of the cart! She does this in almost every cart, stroller and seat! So cute!

Bath time - messy little girl!

I know it's blurry but I couldn't resist posting this one! She's so precious!

"Mom, bath time is OVER!"

(Okay, I know it's not nice to post pictures of your baby crying, but I want to remember this sweet little face!)

We just put up this mirror in her room - she really likes watching herself! (check out that post bath hair!)

The New Do! Love it!

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