Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Off!

Anthony's day off for the week was today! WooHoo! We had SUCH a fun day and took advantage of every opportunity! Maddy LOVED having her Daddy home and practically clung to him all day. :) It is so sweet to watch them together!

The day started with a quick trip to the grocery store - just Maddy and Daddy! Maddy got to have donut holes (one of Anthony's favorite things about trips to the grocery store)! It kind of spoiled her appetite for breakfast, but since it was a special day it was okay! After breakfast and morning nap we decided to head out to church. It was so nice to be there and it was an excellent talk. (I will post my thoughts about the talk in another entry for those who are interested.) Maddy did great in her room - they said she was happy the whole time right up until her diaper change. :)

We caught up with my family after church and had a GREAT lunch! I had hummus and greek salad with chicken (yum!), Anthony had a gyro, and Maddy tried lots of stuff! She was really hungry so in addition to her yogurt with avocado (normal lunch) she also had bananas, pita, and a pickle. It was her first time trying a pickle and she really liked it! This child likes the strangest foods! She loved sitting with GrandDad and does not seem to be afraid of him at all anymore - a week's vacation with him did the trick! It was a great lunch and we really enjoyed the time with my family.

After lunch we headed home for Maddy's afternoon nap. We figured she would take a short nap - like she usually does - and planned on leaving for the lake party right when she got up (~3:00pm). Well, she ended up sleeping almost two hours and waking up after 4:00pm! Needless to say, we didn't get as much time at the lake as we were hoping, but Maddy was well rested and not as cranky! :)

We headed over to Anthony's Aunt Eileen and Uncle Joe's place on Sandy Bottom Lake to celebrate family birthdays - most notably Anna's! It was a great party and we got to see a lot of family that we don't see as often as we wish. We had yummy food from the grill - Maddy LOVES steak! We visited with aunts and uncles, cousins and even Maddy's second cousin, Joey, who is fourteen months old! Maddy liked playing on their new pontoon boat and watched Anthony and Anna go out on the kayak. And to end the evening we celebrated with chocolate cake - even Maddy (see below for a good laugh!).

After Maddy was in bed Anthony and I tackled a marathon 30 minute cleaning session on the house and got a lot done! It feels great to have things so in order to start the week. Now it's off to relax a bit before bed!

waiting in line for Maddy's class

with GrandDad at the restaurant

trying the pickle - this one's for you Aunt Jess!

watching Anth and Anna in the kayak

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!?

my handsome husband

she went CRAZY for this stuff...

...couldn't get enough...

Made a HUGE MESS... :)

...and had to take an impromptu bath!!!

All fresh & clean and ready for bed!


  1. love the pickle picture!!! And we could make a book. "if you give maddy cake...". I miss my little precious baby! I was so spoiled to be with you guys all week for vacation!

  2. love the posts - it's nice to peek in on your day, and I'll bet Anth loves it too!