Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Very Tired Day!

Today it was very clear to me that Maddy was overtired! Poor girl was cranky from the moment she woke up and stayed that way all day long!!! So, we pretty much threw our day out the window and just focused on getting her some extra (much needed) rest. Between that and putting her to bed extra early (she was asleep by 6:40p!), I think she should be feeling more like herself tomorrow!

There was a very cool event going on today called 'The Nines' (in honor of 09/09/09). It was a leadership conference that was completely online and FREE! How cool is that?!? They asked some of the top leaders in the Christian world what they would want to say to other leaders if they had 9 minutes to talk to them. Then, the aired the 9 minute videos back to back all day long! It was so cool for me to be able to 'tune in' throughout the day and be challenged to think and grow! In this season of life where I am not working and not surrounding by a 'learning' environment, that was a HUGE blessing!

One of my favorite quotes from the day was "do it til it stops working...every new idea has an expiration date." Being a person who likes structure and routine - this is a tough one for me! I don't like when it feels like everything is always changing and requiring a new approach! But, I know my mom friends out there can agree with me on this one - parenting is all about a new strategy and riding it out for as long as it works! Then, when it stops working, we grumble under our breath and silently protest for a bit and then reluctantly try a new approach hoping for success! Round and round we go!!! But, I realized how much I am learning and growing in this season of life and I am so grateful for all the ways that becoming Maddy's mom is stretching me.

cutie pie playing with the remote (which is a 'no' in our house - hence, the sneaky smile)

LOVE those little toes!

this is the face I saw a lot of today - cranky and tired!

Late in the day we went for a walk to pass some time. Maddy was in a good mood so we decided to try the swing. I don't think she's been in one for a few weeks now - hard to believe! She seems to be more and more comfortable with the idea and even smiled and exclaimed with glee several times!

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