Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fabulous Surprise!

Today was a pretty ordinary day. We stayed at home through both naps and then ran out for some errands. I had a little bit of birthday money left and some really good coupons at Ann Taylor Loft. So, off we went! I was so excited to get 3 camis and 2 sweaters for $35 out of pocket! I also stopped by Macy's because last week I got a $25 gift card in the mail just for scheduling and going to all of my postpartum check-ups! I found an awesome pair of shoes there that I have been oogling online! With my gift card and a great coupon that I had I could get them for $15 out of pocket! The only problem is... my coupon isn't valid until Friday! Ugh! I guess we'll be heading back to the mall on Friday!

Maddy was great during our shopping trip - especially since she was cranky and tired! She was a huge hit in both stores, but the saleswomen at Ann Taylor Loft were extremely sweet to her - and to me! One very cute thing that Maddy did... I was strolling her through the store when we moved in front of a BIG mirror. I was busy looking at the racks next to the mirror when I realized that she was waving to herself! So cute! She kept on waving for almost a minute!!!

Shortly after we got home we got a message from Anthony that he was going to be coming home early tonight! An hour and half early!!! I was SO EXCITED that he would get a chance to play with Maddy and that we would get so much of his time tonight! And, sure enough, it was positively WONDERFUL! Maddy LOVED being with her Daddy - she laughed with glee, chased him around, let him chase her around, showed him all her new skills, and snuggled up to him before bed. It could not have been any better!!! What an incredible gift from such a loving God!

a very messy Maddy after breakfast

sweet little girl fell asleep hard on the way home from the mall

snuggling with Dad before bed - so sweet!

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