Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Saturday and GO BLUE!

I decided that we would just have a lazy Saturday at home today. Anthony was working and I was worn out from a long week! So we relaxed and played at home. We did go out briefly in the afternoon. We went to Anthony's parents house to watch the Michigan game. It was really nice for me to spend the time with them and Maddy loved it too! Baba took Maddy for a walk and I even got a short nap in - it was fabulous! And Michigan won their first game - GO BLUE! Happy that football season is here - there's something so nice about watching college football as the weather turns. Anthony had a very long, grueling and crazy day. His shift started at 6am and it was pretty much nonstop until 8:30pm. He was very tired and very hungry when he came home! Hooray for a Sunday off - can't wait to spend the day together as a family!

Here's today's pictures:

Such a beautiful girl!

With all of our stuff to go to Baba and Papa's! All this for 2 hours!?!? (15 lbs of baby, 50 lbs of stuff!)

She LOVED trying out Baba's mug! So adorable!


And here's a video from breakfast this morning... You can clearly see Maddy shake her head 'no' (soooo cute!) and then sign 'all done' (waving both hands back and forth). It's amazing how she is learning to communicate! I love this little girl!!!

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