Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Day

After a good night's rest, Maddy was feeling much more like herself today! It was a great day full of playing, visiting, and a few errands.

I've decided that I have to redouble my efforts on the hair jewelry if I want it to work. On days when we just stay at home I have taken to not putting anything in her hair. Well, now she is especially interested when I DO put something in her hair and is anxious to pull it out and play with it! Ugh! So, I decided that I have to make it regular and boring again by doing it every day. Putting her in front of the mirror when I put her hair jewelry on seems to help too - she likes to see what it is and how pretty it looks!

pretty Maddy with her pretty hair jewelry!

Today the company came to clean our dryer vents. They did not need to come in the house, but they did go up on our roof! Once they were up there, it sounded like someone was vacuuming above our heads! Bella did not like it AT ALL and hid under my feet shaking like a leaf. Poor girl! Maddy, on the other hand, was intensely interested in the whole process and watched as the guy leaned a huge ladder against our house and climbed up it. She looked all around to try to find the source of the noise when they were cleaning. Too funny!

This afternoon my mom and my grandmother came for a visit. It was so nice to have them and so nice for my grandmother to have a visit with Maddy! I am so blessed to have great-grandparents nearby enough to be a part of Maddy's life! Right before Maddy's nap I remembered to shoot a quick picture of the two of them together. It's not the best picture because Maddy was very ready for her nap, but I still love it!

Maddy with her Mammy (isn't my grandmother beautiful?!?)

After nap, Maddy and I ventured out to the grocery store. She did great! She was a charmer the entire time and loved looking at all the people and food! After we came home she had some great independent play time and I got all the groceries put away, dinner started, and even started on a dessert! Anthony was home in time to see Maddy and be part of the bedtime routine (woohoo!). I LOVE to watch them together!

playing after bathtime (every time I see her like this I'm always shocked at what a little belly she has!)

playing peek-a-boo with Daddy!

Two funny Bella/Maddy stories from today:

- After putting Maddy down for her morning nap I was surprised to hear her chatting away in her bed - especially since I knew she was tired when I put her down. I also kept hearing strange noises. After about ten minutes I realized that Bella was locked in Maddy's room! She had been whining and pawing at the door to be let out! And the whole time, Maddy was probably just making 'conversation' with Bella and happy to have something to do besides nap! After letting Bella out and settling Maddy again, she took a good nap.

- While sitting at the computer, I heard the familiar sound of Maddy's little hand against Bella's food bowl. I immediately got up and started to say "No, no, not for Maddy". She did what she always does - lifts her clenched food-filled hand in the hair and stares at me with big, innocent eyes. As I got over to her, still saying "that's Bella's, not Maddy's" I realized that she was holding her breakfast remnants that I had given to Bella. Hmm... now, whose food is that really? I can see how she would be confused... :)

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